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FINO Chest Bag

FINO Chest Bag

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FINO Chest Bag


We take care of your every need. Consumer research is the foundation of NIID’s product engineering. We try to make the collected data digitalized and visualized to help to determine the most effective design.


The NIID team have an aptitude for drawing inspirations from different fields, like fine arts, crafts, architecture and etc., which makes our designs such distinguished from like products.


Through more interactive consumer insight, we make precise analysis on people’s demands and habits, upon which a more user-friendly functional design comes up.

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You can barely feel the bag with a net weight of only 270g.


Carry FINO on your left side or right side, it is the most secure position when people carry a bag with them. There is no way to access your items on the backside. The FINO Sling Bag becomes totally invisible when hidden by a coat.


Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Transformative Efficient Carrying Solution

With more interactive consumer insight, we ingeniously design the FINO bag with four different compartments. You can access the needed items easily and precisely with high efficiency.


Three steps to easily release the buckle and take FINO off with your coat on.

Odoo • Text and Image

FINO Chest Bag

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