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Basic Information

Brand Name: NIID

Company headquarters: United States

Founded: 2017

Company: Magnus Co., Ltd.

Industry: luggage

Brand introduction

NIID is a cutting-edge luggage brand founded by Magnas Co., Ltd. in 2017 that focuses on travel aesthetics. Committed to redefining travel storage tools with creativity and beauty.

Its products

UNO backpack: the world's first integrated bag body design and replaceable storage compartment function, you can freely replace the storage function according to different travel scenarios

FINO Chest Bag: The world's first ultra-thin digital storage chest bag, based on a pistol gun bag as the prototype design, which combines the large capacity of an ordinary chest bag with the elegance of a hidden gun bag

Decode series: foldable package body multifunctional business series

URBANATURE series: product series integrating architectural space design and aesthetic concepts