FINO is the holster inspired hybrid sling pack. Compact and stylish, this pack is designed for those who need a convenient and elegant solution for carrying their daily essentials while a tedious chest pack isn't an option in their dress code.
How do people feel about the previous version of FINO packs?
You never know where the day (or night) might lead, so it’s good to have a bag that can keep up. Get more out of your gear by opting for a bag with the aesthetics and feature set to adapt to changing needs and environments, such as pivoting from work or school settings into outdoor, sports scenarios.
· Size: 400 x 240 x 30 (mm) / 15.7 x 9.6 x 1.2 (in)
· Dedicated compartment for a cellphone with size no larger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max with a protective case on.
In slim mode, FINO is able to carry your most frequently used items, such as phone, portable charger, wallet, earphones, keys and other miscellaneous items.
When extended, it is able to store larger gadgets like your Switch or Kindle.
Seal to contain and prevent your mask from contaminating the rest of your bags contents.
It's designed to be self-adhesive to the velvet lining, making it easy to rip-to-remove from the front pocket for sterilization.
· Premium YKK strap stopper
· Adaptable for right or left-handed users
· Adjust the length to suit your needs
· Rapid Adjust Pull-tab
We CNC this self-adaptive pivot from a fine piece of copper to ensure that the strap will stay comfortably on your shoulder regardless of your body size or shape. But our team didn't stop there. We want the FINO sling pack to look more sleek and elegant, so we decide to upgrade the material from copper to aluminum. We don't make it good, we make it great
Designed to be worn both on the left and right side
Avoid unnecessary strain by choosing a bag that’s comfortable for the commute to work or school. Features such as suitable padding, a rapid-retract shoulder strap and sufficient ventilation all play their part in keeping you comfy on the go.
The rubberized hanger can help to carry your stuff easily on the go, giving you flexible, fun and hassle-free travel.
Quick and easy access to the main compartment & cellphone pocket
We upgraded the design of our signature cellphone pocket, moving it to the inner side of the pack to make it completely theft-proof. Your valuables are safe with us.
Cellphone Tablet PC Game Console
Not Compatible
Any Cellphone
that is larger
than below size
iPad Pro /
Galaxy Tab A10”
Galaxy Tab S
Max Size(mm)
162c×87 iPad  
iPhone 12 Pro Max×87 iPad Mini SWITH
iPhone 11 Pro Max Kindle Fire 7
iPhone 12 Kindle
iPhone 11 Kindle Paperwhite
  Kindle Oasis
  Galaxy Tab A 8”
BUY NOW$59.99
Expected To Ship In April