The World's First Convertible and Customizable Carry Bags

Choose Your Adventure. Choose Your Style. All you have to do is FOLD or SWITCH. It’s that simple. 

If you’re like us, you take your life with you when you leave the house. But, most days, you don’t need a full-sized, bulky backpack. URBANATURE by NIID has created the FOLD and SWITCH bags that complement each other and work together to simplify your life. They’re convertible and customizable bags that can be added together, expanded, or used singularly for everyday wear. We like to think of these bags as choose-your-own-adventure packs. You get to determine the storage capacity and style. All you have to do is fold or switch. It’s that simple.

How To Get Them  

By becoming a backer and picking a reward, you will essentially be pre-ordering one of these bags, backing this project not only gets you a special discount, you'll receive the bags before they're available in stores. Want to buy more than one? Check out Rewards & Add-ons.

We have no traditional investors. Instead, we launch products here on Kickstarter. The funds we raise not only go towards manufacturing, they also help us design future products.  

The FOLD / Sling or Messenger  

At a glance:  

  • Sling mode: fits a 10” iPad or tablet  
  • Messenger mode: fits a 15” laptop  
  • Innovative design
  • Quick access front and side compartments  
  • Anti-theft (hidden) back pocket for stashing your valuables Cushioned shoulder strap for comfort   
  • Waterproof coated polyester
  • Expandable front cover flap
  • Magnetic flip cover


The SWITCH / Chest Pack - Laptop Sling -Waist Pack   

These interchangeable and ergonomic bags were designed for easy transitions. The SWITCH is for carrying the essentials. The Waist Pack and Laptop Sling, Chest Pack can be combined, attached and worn as an ultra-slim sling bag. While the Chest Pack is a bag all its own. 





The SWITCH / Chest Pack  

At a glance:

  • Interchangeable buckle  
  • Hypalon Phone Fetcher  
  • YKK Waterproof Zipper  
  • Leather Wrapping Side Pocket - iPad Mini Compatible  
  • Secure Magnetic Side Closure  
  • Slim fit to body

 What makes the Switch <Chest Pack> so dope?

 project video thumbnail


The SWITCH / Laptop Sling

At a glance:

  • Fits a 13” laptop  
  • Expandable double layer  
  • Waterproof  
  • Anti-theft magnetic flap lock

What makes the Switch <Laptop Sling> so dope? 

 project video thumbnail



The SWITCH / Waist Pack

At a glance:  

  • Fits the essentials— iPhone 7, car keys, ID  
  • Doubles as shoulder strap when attached to the Laptop Sling or Chest Pack  
  • Slim and no bulk





Rewards & Add-ons

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