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First modulized and interchangeable everyday backpack.

One of its own kind

The first and only modulized and interchangeable everyday backpack, UNO allows you to customize the organizing system as you go. Now you just need one bag for various occasions.

The inspirations

The inception of UNO was in 2014 when one of our friends asked whether we can design a
multifunctional backpack for all kinds of occasion. We took the inspiration from an ancient
Chinese carrying pack “Baofu”which is literately a piece of cloth but capable of
housing most of the daily essentials for a few days trip and start from there.

Integrated Design

With just one piece of water-repellent fabric and a zipper, UNO II redefines not just
the way the a backpack was constructed but also the aesthetics in it.

Interchangeable Organizing System

The interchangeable organizing system allows you to customize UNO as you go.
Whether you are commuting to work, taking photos or going for exercise, it will
always be whatever functional pack you want it to be.


We collected ergonomic data of different type of body
shapes and fine tuning the design of Ergo-Straps through
several rounds of prototyping and testing, to ensure the
best wearing comfort.
More Cool Features to Explore

Anti-Theft Zipper Lock

Travel Friendly

Water-Repellent Rain Cover

Flex Power Dock

Security Pocket

YKK RC Zipper

Water-Repellent Interior Lining

Custom-Design Hardware

Now Available in 3 Color

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